The flagship events are City Marathons across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. In addition to the City Runs, there is a 10K Challenge, an Ultra Marathon and Ultra Stadium Runs. These events cater to different type of runners – Ultra Marathon & Stadium Runs, Half Marathons and Marathons for seasoned runners, Timed 10K for Aspiring Marathoners and 5K for Beginners.

All our races are inclusive of participants with special needs. Every event has partnerships with local NGOs providing a platform for them to get visibility and help raise funds. NEB strongly advocates environment-friendly practices with minimal usage of plastic and paper in its events.

NEB Sports also organises events for Track & Field, and Badminton. Our initiatives aim at identifying sportspersons from small towns and rural areas across India and nurture them through professional coaching. NEB Sports is fortunate to organise NIDJAM – a national inter-district meet for Under-16 and Under-14 junior athletes. This is in association with Athletics Federation of India, an exercise to identify talent and promote Junior Track & Field Athletes produce Indian Gold Medal Winners by 2024.

Fourtnight Run
- Virtual Run

Date : 26th July - 9th August

IDBI Federal Future Fearless
Marathon - Virtual Run

Date : 15th August

24H Stadium Run
- Mumbai

Date : 5th - 6th September 2020

IDBI Federal Life Insurance
Bengaluru 10K Challenge

Date : 11th October 2020


Date : 18th October 2020

IDBI Federal Life Insurance
Mumbai Half Marathon

Date : 1st November 2020

Half Marathon

Date : 8th November 2020

24H Stadium Run
- Bengaluru

Date : 21st - 22nd Nov 2020

Half Marathon

Date : 29th November 2020

New Delhi
10K Challenge

Date : 6th December 2020

Shriram Properties
Bengaluru Marathon

Date : 13th December 2020

IDBI Federal Life Insurance
Kolkata Full Marathon

Date : 7th February 2021

IDBI Federal Life Insurance
New Delhi Marathon

Date : 21st February 2021

Women's Day

Date : 7th March 2021

Ultra Marathon

Date : 21st March 2021

Run for Rio

NEB Sports executed Run For Rio on 31 July 2016 under the aegies of Sports Authority of India and the Prime Minister’s Office. Over 15000 school children ran in Delhi in the spirit of Olympics and to cheer the Indian contingent.

Grameen Mini Marathon

NEB Sports was assigned the execution of Grameeen Mini Marathon by Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, under the initiative of Khelo India. The event attracted 11000 participants running the 5K and 10K distances, to promote sports in Rural India and encourage local talent.


NEB Sports has been associated with National Inter District Junior Athletics Meet (NIDJAM) since 2016. This is an initiative by Sports Authority of India to identify young talent through a series of track and field competitions. The event has over 4000 participants from 350 districts across 6 sports and 2 categories - Under 14yrs and Under 16yrs.

NEB Sports boasts of a highly experienced team with expertise in delivering results. The team comes with a rich experience in handling various aspects of an event, from branding, marketing, promoting to strategizing and executing, ideal sponsorship opportunities are tapped, based on the goals of the event.
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Nagaraj Adiga

A running enthusiast, who believes in giving the best to the running community, along with promoting healthy lifestyle. The most loved Race Director, started NEB Sports with an ambition to bring out the best of sports in the country.

Reeth Abraham

Arjuna Awardee herself, brand ambassador for Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon, Reeth is an in-house inspiration and a world-class athlete dedicating her time to the betterment of Sports.

Cauvery Adiga

Cauvery comes with a rich experience of more than two decades, primarily in start-ups. An avid runner herself, she is excited to promote healthy lifestyle. She is the energy provider and driving force for NEB Sports, heading the operations.

Umesh Poojari

The man who has seen the inception of everything NEB is a know-all, with answers to every small and big thing. The go-to man for everything, literally. He doesn’t miss a thing!

Surabhi Shastry

Fun-loving, party animal, journalist-turned-corporate digital junkie, is all about network communications, marketing and PR here. She’s the one with wheels on her heels!

Ashwin Adiga

Ashwin is happy to organise and promote a lifestyle he practices everyday. Being an avid sports enthusiast, he enjoys the race day "rush" and interacting with participants.

Sunil Shetty

Considered as ‘The God’ in the running community, helps in running our shows in a smooth way. He is our networker of running groups.

Sangeeta Shetty

A complete sportsperson, an avid ultra-runner, a perfect partner to Sunil in all ways, giving her valuable time to the Operations here.

Sunil Menon

This fast runner and fitness coach is our Hyderabad counterpart… helping bring together a healthy community

Seema Menon

Effervescent and a hardworking person, Seema is the on-ground go-to person in Hyderabad. She is always smiling, and makes sure all of us are too.

Rajesh Kumar

Former Commander in the Indian Army, the man is a know-all in New Delhi. A lover of Adventure Sports, Rajesh makes things happen at a high level.

Preet Singh

Former footballer, athlete, runner, honey-maker, coach… Preet is the seriously fun-inducing entity in NEB.

Jaydev Raja

Well-known runner and athlete, the Kolkata man Jaydev who is always calm and composed is the one helps in executing Race days to perfection.


Prem Kumar

One of the young stars of NEB, an athlete himself, is the go-to person for all silly and serious queries; also manages the medals, prizes and NID-JAM.

Shravan S.D.

Operations. Logistics. Customer Care. Shravan makes sure the runners are supported and helped to our best ability.

Sachin Bhardwaj

Operations being the heartbeat of an event, sachin's strong knowledge & experience in production and operations, with his attention to details ensure smooth execution of events.

Sandhya Vijayakumar

Coming from a start-up organization where one does everything under the roof and has fun doing so, Sandhya enjoys the excitement and chaos of organizing events. Her enthusiasm is infectious and adds the extra energy required to handle a busy calendar.

Noor Sheikh

Noor is the tech guy, all about registrations, giving us insights and analytics all the time.


Registrations and support to the Tech, Bharath has newly joined the young brigade.

Arvindh D

Support to Customer Care and logistics, Arvindh has also recently joined us. Enthusiastic about sports events, Arvindh is a quick learner.

Raksha Shastry

A bouquet of talent, currently a runner… Raksha supports the tech and registrations team.

Blossom Fernandez

Ironman triathlete, mental health ambassador, former flight attendant and a part time baker.Blossom doesn't ever miss a training day and she eats, breathes and lives all things triathlon. A value addition to Team NEB indeed.

Veena Rao

Fondly known as the Laughing Gas in the Office, Veena is ever-smiling and always spreads joy. The woman who has an answer for all your queries, on the NEB Customer Care number. She’s like a glue who holds on the minutest of details and never lets you forget anything work.



Cricketer, and a cook, Siddaraju is the finance guy who believes in sincerity, honesty and hardwork. Well, it shows. Sid, apart from finance, also takes over Operations when required.

Mahadev Swamy

To the bank, and back. To the bank, and back. What would anyone do without Mahadev making sure the monies reach the right people at the right time?!

Shruthi S.D

Helping hand to the Accounts Team, Shruthi also is responsible for our Expo Sales. A happy girl, always ready to lend a hand to everyone.


Known as the Michelangelo and Picasso of NEB Sports, this team is what takes NEB Sports out there, to everyone’s screens. Working round the clock and churning out Creatives, these boys know their colours and shapes that’s just right.





With a name like that, and active to the core, this boy is the most-called for in the Office for anything and everything. Apart from handling the Office needs, Brahma also helps in Operations and Logistics. Also, a choreographer by passion.

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