Event Duration:
13th to 27th September 2020

Future Fearless Champions’ Challenge is proud to be part of Fit India Movement.
The Fit India Movement is a movement to take the nation on a path of fitness and wellness. It provides a unique and exciting opportunity to work towards a healthier India. As part of the movement, individuals and organisations can undertake various efforts for their own health and well-being as well as for the health and well-being of fellow Indians.
About the Event

Why “Future Fearless Champions’ Challenge”?

Given the global pandemic situation, a suitable alternate to engage with fitness enthusiasts. An exciting everyday challenge by a noted National-Level Sports Champion to keep the spirits up and instill the sense of positivity, along with the daily run / walk. This virtual event is an idea… giving people the flexibility to run / walk anytime, anywhere, and complete the daily challenge.


The Champions’ Challenge virtual event is scheduled between 13th and 27th September, 2020

The distance run / walked and the exercise challenge completed by participants will be collected and tracked on a daily basis, on a link provided by us.

The small contribution made during the registration will go towards supporting causes.

Club Details - Applicable For Bumper Prize Only

Criteria Platinum Gold Silver
KMS in 15 days 120 80 40
Min No. of days of exercise 12 8 4

Registration Fee

1. To avail Event Tshirt, personalised Medal (Includes donation of INR 100) –
INR 500

2. To avail Personalised Medal (Includes donation of INR 75) – INR 275

3. Registration and donation (INR 50) – INR 100


Our champions will share simple but useful exercise everyday that you can do after your walk/run.Regular practice of these will help you improve your fitness.

Daily Exercise Challenge will be like Push Up/Plank/Surya Namaskar/Squat/Lunges, etc - Yes,they are easy and what more, you will get to do it like a champion!

Post the run / walk data along with picture of you practicing the Champions’ Challenge on the link provided by NEB Sports

Track your kms manually or by using any tracking app or GPS watch

Minimum distance per day login is 2.5 Kms.

Maximum distance to log in a run without the supporting documents is 5 Kms per day.

The maximum distance that can be clocked in a day is 10 kms. Even if a participant clocks more than 10kms in a day, only 10kms will be taken into consideration.

Registered participants can take part on various contests throughout the event period

We encourage all participants to take up the daily challenge along with everyday run or walk, however participants will receive their E-Certificates,Medals & T-Shirts if opted for.

Event Tshirt and personalised Medal will be available to participants at an additional cost

T-Shirts and Medals will be couriered 60days after the event.

The virtual event will be held from 13th to 27th September 2020

All the event details will be available on all the Social Media Platforms of NEB Sports – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

The Pledge

All registered participants will take the pledge of honour - "I promise that we shall take part in this virtual event, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship."

Please write to support@nebsports.in for any clarifications you may require.