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Ultra Marathon Bengaluru

An ultra for not so faint hearted individuals. Runners of Bengaluru are always up for challenging and pushing themselves to do better each time.

The success of Bengaluru 10K Challenge and Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon and the madness of Stadium Runs had led us to introduce this ultra race for the ever-passionate runners.

The 1st edition which was held on January 8, 2018 was nothing less than a celebration. We are back with the 2nd edition of Ultra Marathon Bengaluru.



  • Distance: 50 Km
  • Min. Age:
    18years as of 22 December 2018
  • Amount : Rs 1800/-
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  • Distance: 37.5 Km
  • Min. Age:
    18years as of 22 December 2018
  • Amount : Rs 1600/-
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  • Distance: 25 Km
  • Min. Age:
    18years as of 22 December 2018
  • Amount : Rs 1600/-
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  • Distance: 12.5 Km
  • Min. Age:
    14years as of 22 December 2018
  • Amount : Rs 1050/-
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5K Fun Run

  • Distance: 5Km
  • Min. Age:
    6years as of 22 December 2018 *
  • Amount : Rs 700/-
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* Minors between 6-12years must be accompanied by a guardian/parent who is a participant under the same race category.



Criteria for the prize money:

Elite/Fastest Prize winners are not eligible for age category prizes.

Prize money will be given within 45 days after the event day.

Age category results will be announced on the website and social media within one week of the event.

All prize winners, should necessarily provide details of bank accounts in India.

Winner timings will be declared as per their net time.

For any queries contact us at +91 9206265087

Ultra Marathon Bengaluru - 2018


50K 25K 12.5K
Rank Men Women Men Women Men Women
1 15,000 15,000 10,000 10,000 7,500 7,500
2 12,500 12,500 7,500 7,500 5,000 5,000
3 10,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 2,500 2,500

"On request of many runners, we have introduced the 37.5K category. However, this category is for training purpose and does not qualify for Prize Money."


Registrations for Ultra Marathon Bengaluru will open on 2nd September 2018.
50K ULTRA, 37.5K ULTRA, 25K ULTRA, 12.5K and 5K Fun Run.
The event is scheduled for Sunday, 23 December 2018. Timings - 50K - 4.30am, 37.5K- 4.30am, 25K- 5.00am, 5K- 7.30am
You can register online by clicking this link and paying through a choice of Debit Card / Credit Card or Net Banking
  • 50K Rs.1800
  • 37.5K Rs.1600
  • 25K Rs.1600
  • 12.5K Rs.1050
  • 5K Fun Run Rs.700
Registration fee includes:

Complimentary Race Day T-shirt, Hot Refreshments, Route Support, e-Timing Certificate[for timed runs] and Finisher Medals.
> Subject to availability of t-shirt sizes.
> Route Support will be provided for a defined time period only.

There are no manual(offline) registrations.

For the 50K Ultra, 37.5K Ultra and 25K Ultra- minimum age to participate is 18 years as on 22 December 2018.

For the 12.5K minimum age to participate is 14 years as on 22 December 2018.

For the 5K Fun Run - minimum age to participate is 6 years as of 22 December 2018. Minors between 6-12years must be accompanied by a guardian/parent who is a participant under the same race category.

Registrations will close on December 16, 2018. We may close the registrations early if all our slots are filled.
Requests for participation cancellation, transfer of participation, and thereby refund, will not be entertained 30 days prior to the event date. If you have availed any early bird offer, refund/transfer and cancellation will not be entertained.
Under exceptional cases, in case the transaction failed at the payment gateway stage, and if the money was debited but a confirmation was not generated, the money will be credited back to your account within 3 working days automatically. However, please email with details of your registration - date of registration, name and your mail id and we will follow up to ensure the problem is tracked and closed.



Use only the application modes suggested on this website to submit your entries.

Please thoroughly go through all relevant information given on the event website and application form prior to submitting your application.

Requests for participation cancellation, and thereby refund, will not be entertained.


Only individual entries for 50K, 37.5K, 25K, 12.5K and 5K shall be accepted.

Applicants for 50K Ultra, 37.5K Ultra and 25K Ultra must be above the age of 18 as on 22nd December 2018.

Applicants for 12.5K must be above the age of 14 as on 22nd December 2018.

Applicants for 5K Fun Run must be above the age of 6 as on 22nd December 2018. Minors between 6-12years must be accompanied by a guardian/parent who is a participant under the same race category.

Entry confirmation

Confirmation of applications received will be subject to Entry Rules & Guidelines given herein.

Post close of registrations, email confirmations and running number[BIB / Chest Number]will be sent to all the confirmed participants who have given their valid email id in the registration form.

Registration Status

On registration being successfully submitted, registrants will receive an email and SMS, confirming their registration with a unique booking ID.

Runners will receive an email and SMS with their BIB number and other details closer to the race day.

Those wishing to confirm their registration status in the interim can send us an email to

Race Regulation

You are to participate only in the race category for which you had applied and for which your entry has been confirmed. Your entry and running number bib and/or bib tag is not transferable to any other person under any circumstance.

Runners found to have interchanged their running number bib and/or bib tag with another individual, will be disqualified from the Event and shall not be allowed to apply or participate in the upcoming[2019] edition of any of our events across country.

The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify or exclude any person from the event/competition who gives incorrect personal data/details on the entry form, who has been banned from competition under IAAF jurisdiction, or who is suspected of having taken banned substances. No refund of entry fee will be made.

No result or certificate will be given to runners who do not start their run at the respective start times of the race categories they have been confirmed in.

Please note if you tamper with the bib tag in any way or remove/exchange it with another runner, you won't be able to get an official finish time and thereby the official timing certificate recording your finish times. No Chip, No Timing, No Prize Money.

No wheeled vehicles are allowed on the course. Anyone bringing wheeled vehicles will be disqualified from the race and asked to leave the course.

Participants are not allowed to run with pets, unregistered runners or babies/children who are under aged for the designated category.

Participants will not be allowed to enter the event venue with gas balloons.

In order to ensure the re-opening of roads by the mentioned time (Or as decided by the event organisers), the organizers will designate cut off times at specified locations. Runners failing to reach these specific locations within times specified must stick to the footpath in order to complete your race.

Only those confirmed participants wearing the current Ultra Marathon Bengaluru running number bibs will be allowed on the route. Any person found wearing the incorrect bib/no bib will be disqualified and removed by security.

Further, every runner must wear his/her running number bib on the front of the vest. Any mutilation, fold, alteration or damage to the bib will amount to disqualification of the runner from the Event.

Organizers reserve the right to stop any participant from participating who is found medically unfit to continue in the opinion of the medical personnel.

Baggage counters are available only for 50K Ultra, 37.5K Ultra, 25K Ultra and 12.5K participants. For security reasons, participants are requested to come, as far as possible, without any baggage. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave valuables like mobile phone, camera, jewellery, watch, electronic gadgets, etc. in the bag stored. Organizers are not responsible for any loss of baggage and belongings.

Participants are requested to cooperate with the police and security personnel deputed at the event venues and on route. Participants/supporters are liable to random checking on race day this is for your own security.

Photographs taken of runners during any Ultra Marathon Bengaluru event organised prior to and on race day can be used for the purpose of promoting the event.

Winners’ Medal

On the Race Day, victory ceremony will be conducted for 50K, 25K & 12.5K age category winners for men & women.

All age category winners will be announced on our website and on our Social Media Channels, 3 working days post the event. They will be provided with their winner’s medals & prize money 45 days from the finish of the event.

Finishers’ Medal:

Finishers across all the race categories will get a Finisher's Medal post their run. Medals will not be posted to individual runners.

Merit Certificate:

All prize money winners of the run (as given in the prize money structure in prize money tab) will receive Merit Certificates certifying their prize money winning positions.

Timing Certificate:

e-timing certificates of 50K, 37.5K, 25K & 12.5K finishers will be available for download from the event website within 2 weeks from race day.

Race Kit Collection:

All confirmed participants are required to come to Expo, scheduled on 22 December 2018 in order to collect their race kits. No race kits will be posted to an individual’s mailing address nor distributed on race day, i.e. 23 December 2018.

It is mandatory for the participant to collect his/her race kit to participate in the event.

To collect your race kit, please keep a soft copy of
1. ID Proof
2. Confirmation mail / Confirmation SMS with BIB Number.
The above documents are mandatory. Without the above, race kits will not be issued to the participant.

In case of unavoidable circumstances, such runner can send his/her authorised representative to collect the race kit on his/her behalf. Authorised representative must carry with him/her:
1. Soft Copy of Confirmation Email/SMS with BIB Number details.
2. Soft Copy of Photo-identity proof (Aadhar card, PAN Card or passport) of the confirmed participant and himself/herself.
Note: Only 1 race kit will be issued to the authroized person. To avail bulk/group bib collection for a group of 10 participants or more, write to latest by 30 days prior to the event date.

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